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Request for Bid

The Mokelumne Hill

Fire Protection District

Is requesting bids for labor and materials to provide and install Concrete Aprons, Parking pad, patio side walks as well as floor for bathroom area for the Paloma Fire Station at 6219 Main Street, Paloma, California. Bids must include time required to begin and to complete the project.

The project: provide labor and materials to,

1. Install the concrete floor for the handicap bathroom and fill & finish opening in the floor near the southwest roll-up door.

2. Install roof drains under the concrete from the 4 corners of the building. The drain from the northwest corner of the building is to extend to and discharge into the culvert at the driveway entrance. Install retaining wall along north edge of handicap parking area.

3. Install aprons, handicap parking area, patio and sidewalks per plans.

The building may be inspected at 6219 Main Street, Paloma, California.

Plans and photos are available on the Fire Districts website at

Sealed bids must be received by the District at the District office at 8160 Church Street, Mokelumne Hill, no later than 5:30 PM, March 30, 2023. Bids will be opened on that date and time by District Staff and Board Committee; a decision on selecting the successful bidder may or may not be made on that date. The decision on selecting the successful bidder will be made in a public meeting.

Contractors submitting a bid must be bonded and have the appropriate California Contractors License in good standing. The district reserves the right to demand a performance and labor bond. Failure to accept this demand may result in the bid being declined and negotiating with the next responsible bidder. The construction and installation must meet the requirements of the Calaveras County Building Department and comply with prevailing wage requirements.

Published: March 22, 24 & 29, 2023 VSN



LEAD AGENCY: Calaveras County Code Compliance, 891 Mountain Ranch Rd., San Andreas, CA 95249

CE22-0229 Golden Ehao LLC: Appeal of the Order to Vacate & Administrative Citation and Fine issued on December 15th, 2022. The property is 45.48 acres, zoned General Agricultural (A1). The property is located at 1910 Highway 4, Douglas Flat. APN:066-024-037.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Calaveras County Administrative Hearing Board will conduct a public hearing March 23rd, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. or soon there after to consider the above referenced violations. The public hearing will be held in the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Chambers, Government Center, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, California.

Published: March 10, 2023 VSN

The Calaveras County Purchasing Agent will receive proposals for:


RFP No. 22-0470-23-990

Bids must be obtained from Public Purchase at:,ca/buyer/public/home

Sealed proposals must be clearly marked on the outside of the package with: “RFP #22-1040-23-990 – DO NOT OPEN” and in the possession of the Purchasing Agent no later than: 3:00 P.M. on MARCH 30, 2023, at which time they will be publicly opened. Faxed bids are not acceptable; bids received beyond the deadline date and time will not be considered.

Published: March 10 & 17, 2023 VSN

The Calaveras County Purchasing Agent will receive proposals for:

Monge Ranch Road Bridge Replacement Project Construction

Department of Public Works

ITB No. 22-1200-20-913

Invitations to Bid may be obtained from Public Purchase at:,ca/buyer/public/home

Bids shall be submitted via email to NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM on March 14, 2023. Emails received after 3:00 PM will be rejected. Please ensure that the subject line of your email reads: ITB 22-1200-20-913 Submission.

Published: March 3, 8, 10, 2023


TO: Responsible and Interested Parties

FROM: Calaveras County Planning Department

In accordance with the CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines, this notice is to advise you that Calaveras County intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed project described below:

LEAD AGENCY: Calaveras County

PROJECT TITLE: Flint Trail Access Road Project

PROJECT APPLICANT: CV Development Partners, LLC

PROJECT LOCATION: Southwest of the intersection of Little John Road and Flint Trail in the community of Copperopolis in southwestern Calaveras County (APNs 055-051-059, 055-051-008, and 055-051-068)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Flint Trail Access Road Project proposes to construct a paved secondary access road to the Golf Club at Copper Valley across previously undeveloped grassland and oak woodland, from the intersection of Flint Trail and Little John Road to an unnamed access road approximately 1,800 feet southwest of Oak Creek Drive, in the community of Copperopolis. The Project includes a grading permit.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: The County has prepared an Initial Study and determined that the Project may have a significant effect on the environment, but by implementing the identified mitigation measures, the Project’s impacts would be reduced to less than significant levels. Accordingly, County staff is recommending that the Planning Commission adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration. The Planning Commission shall consider adopting the MND as part of their consideration of the project at a future public hearing, TBD.

Hazardous Waste Site: The Project site is not included on a list enumerated in Gov. Code section 65962.5.

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY: Copies of the Draft IS/MND will be available for public review beginning February 21, 2023:

* County’s website:

If you are not able to download a copy of the Draft IS/MND, please contact Gabriel Elliot at

PUBLIC REVIEW: The 30-day public review period begins on February 21, 2023 and ends on March 23, 2023. Any interested person or agency may comment on this matter by submitting comments via email to (please indicate “Flint Trail Access Road Project”) in the subject or via postal mail to: Gabriel Elliot, Director of Planning, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249. Written comments on the Draft IS/MND should be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on March 23, 2023. Due to possible mail delays, comments via email are preferred. Responsible agencies should limit their comments to those Project activities that are within your area of expertise or which will be required to be carried out or approved by your agency.

Published: February 22, 2023 VSN